Wymiary kartonu sztuczne choinki FairyTrees

How big is the box the tree is packed into?

FairyTrees artificial Christmas trees are packed in a 5-ply cardboard box weighing 870 gm and a BC flute fitted with a second bottom and a wall insert. In addition, it is stapled in five locations and secured with a FairyTrees logo. Staples prevent cardboard from falling apart during transportation, making it less susceptible to damage than its standard counterparts.

Carton contains all the elements of the tree, which are joined by hook and loop straps. They can be used to attach a Christmas tree to the facade of a building, benches, hooks, etc.

Tables below show carton dimensions for classic Christmas trees (Table 1) and for Christmas trees with a trunk (Table 2).

Table 1 Table 2

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