The Finest Christmas
Christmas Tree For You

Recipe for a successful holiday

Get to know FairyTrees Christmas decorations, that have been present in homes throughout Europe for several years now.

FairyTrees offers a dozen models of artificial Christmas trees, sets of Christmas baubles in classic or festive colors, and Christmas tree lights. A great design and attention to detail is what makes them special and so popular with our customers.

All offered Christmas trees are handmade, so you can be sure that the Christmas tree you choose is created with passion and love. We only use proven materials from reputable manufacturers.

Perfect artificial Christmas tree

The great advantage of artificial Christmas trees is their design.

Its small size makes it easy to fit into a closet or a small basement, and the modular system allows for a smooth folding and unfolding of the decoration. Combining all the parts takes a few moments. Laying and arranging the branches takes about 40 minutes. Less than an hour of family fun together, and ready!


Get to know your new Christmas tree

You can choose from many unique models of artificial Christmas trees from FairyTrees.

Christmas trees on trunks, pines, firs and spruces in different sizes and colour variants are waiting for you to be discovered.

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