White Christmas balls 12 pcs 6 cm

Most popular Christmas tree ornament. Classic Christmas decorations such as white Christmas balls FairyTrees are a perfect complement to any arrangement.

White Christmas balls 12 pcs 6 cm

White Christmas Balls Set

Beautiful Christmas tree deserves beautiful ornaments. FairyTrees Christmas baubles are round decorations that will turn your tree into a unique Christmas decoration.

Baubles can decorate not only a Christmas tree, but also a Christmas wreath. Their classic look and colour scheme makes them suitable for any room and arrangement. Due to materials used in the production, FairyTrees Christmas baubles are difficult to break.

Set consists of 12 balls with shiny finishing. All decorations have a diameter of 6 cm.

Christmas baubles are available in four typical Christmas colours (gold, silver, red and white) and in two sizes. Sets can be combined with one  another to create unique compositions.

In the setMatte finishShiny finishDiameterColour
12 Pcs0 Pcs12 Pcs6 cm
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