Christmas tree in a burlap sack – an alternative to a classic tree

Christmas tree in a burlap sack FairyTrees

Looking for interesting decorations for holidays? An artificial Christmas tree in a burlap sack is a for people who like novelty. FairyTrees spruce in a burlap sack is not just a Christmas tree. This is a unique tree that stands out.

Be unique for holidays

Christmas tree is a must when creating a festive atmosphere. One decorated tree can replace a whole collection of Christmas wreaths and ornaments. That is why choosing the best model is crucial.

FairyTrees Christmas tree needles are long and dark green. For their implementation, self-extinguishing PVC film of the highest quality is used. Thanks to the exposed tree trunk, this Christmas tree will hold even the largest number of gifts.

Exclusive Christmas tree in a burlap sack

Not only is the appearance of this tree different from the others. FairyTrees artificial Christmas trees in a burlap sack have a natural trunk. There may be traces of resin on the surface. The use of a true trunk makes each tree unique. In spite of common design they may differ slightly in appearance, including thickness of the trunk.

Construction of a Christmas tree in a brulap sack

Base of the tree is a composite covered with jute canvas. This Christmas tree is a nice and practical decoration. Heavy base makes it hard to move. The tree trunk should be attached to the facade of a building, benches or walls with the help of a look and loop strap. This will make it impossible to overturn.

FairyTrees Christmas trees that are available in the offer: green spruce, flocked spruce and frosted spruce. Each model has two sizes (150 cm or 180 cm).

Christmas trees for You

Artificial Christmas trees in a burlap sack are a perfect holiday decoration for your home’s entrance way, an office or a cafe. It resembles a tree brought from the forest, takes up little space, and its unique appearance catches the eye. Artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations from FairyTrees are aesthetic ornaments that retain their charm for many years. Here you will buy the selected model!

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