Ile tipsów mają sztuczne choinki FairyTrees

How many tips does the tree have? Does it really look the way it does in the picture?

Density of the Christmas tree is achieved by the amount of tips placed on it. If they are well made, close to each other and have a large amount of needles (and such are the artificial Christmas trees from FairyTrees), the effect of a lush Christmas tree, when unfolded, is easy to achieve.

Philosophy and mission of FairyTrees is to create and deliver the most beautiful artificial Christmas trees, therefore, we care about the above average number and quality of tips. Usually it is about 100 pieces more than a typical artificial Christmas tree of the same size.

FairyTrees photos are only colour-corrected to reflect their true colours. Appearance shown in the photo can be achieved by spending about 30-40 minutes spreading out all the branches and tips.

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