FairyGlow 400
LED Christmas tree lights

LED Christmas tree lights built from 400 light points will emphasize the character of each Christmas tree. Let your Christmas tree shine with a dazzling shimmer.

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FairyGlow 400 LED Christmas tree lights

Unique Christmas lights

FairyGlow 400 LED Christmas lights are an indispensable decorative element of every Christmas tree.

FairyGlow 400 Christmas lights are produced in LED technology. This allows for a longer lifespan, with lower energy consumption. 400 light points are placed on a 20 m dark green cable, that has an IP44 protection class. This means that the lamps can be used both indoor and outdoor. The colour of the cord accommodates perfectly the colour of the Christmas tree.

Lights in the shape of small crystals have been embedded in the cable. The distance between the white plug and the first light is 2 m. In addition, it is equipped with a timer function – activity time is 6 hours.

FairyGlow 400 lamps – up to 20 m

The length of the cable is not by accident 20 m. This allows for the optimal garnishment of a tall Christmas tree without the need for additional light sets. Forget about buying new lamps every year and trying to match them to the entire arrangement!

A unique design

Christmas lights FairyTrees stand out with their appearance. Small, densely arranged light spots are embedded in a thin, flexible wire. They can be laid out however you like. The green cable “disappears” in the background of needles, and the light of the lamps on the Christmas tree resembles the glow of tiny stars in the night sky. The set is light and packed into a small box.

400 lights

How to create an original light decoration? Decorate a Christmas tree or a balustrade with LED FairyGlow Christmas lights! 400 light spots located on a 20 m cable – such density of light points gives the optimal effect of light intensity. Although the lamps are small, the LED technology used allowed to obtain a strong light.

Cable lengthNumber of lightsLightingLight colourDistance from first lightCableCable colourAdapterProtection class (IP)Useage
20 m400 PcsLEDHot2 mCopperINPUT: 100 V-240 V 50/60 HZ
OUTPUT: 7,5 V 600 MA 4,5 W
IP44Outdoor, Indoor

LED technology

Modern and ecological

LED technology is one of the most commonly used types of lighting today. LEDs are durable and their working time is estimated at 25,000 – 50,000 hours. The light generated by this technology is brighter and stronger than classic solutions. Replacing with LED technology allows you to significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

FairyGlow 400 LED Christmas tree lights

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