Pine cones FairyCones
36 pcs

Universal and 100% natural. Pine cones are a remarkable Christmas decoration that you can use any way you like. Free your imagination during this year's Christmas and create original decorations from FairyCones.

Pine cones FairyCones 36 pcs

Set of pine cones 36 pcs

FairyCones are 100% natural pine cones. They have been carefully selected, so that almost everyone is different in size and shape. Storage in a ventilated and warm place causes the cones to open wide and allows the colours remain in the warm brown tones.

The main advantage of FairyCones is their versatility. They can be used in many ways. They can be beautifully presented both on the Christmas tree and on the Christmas wreath. In an aesthetic way, you can hide the unattractive Christmas tree stand. Just sprinkle a few on the table or dresser to create an original, classic arrangement. They are also an attractive entertainment for children – in the excitement of all pre-Christmas work, involve your children in creating all sorts of Christmas decorations.

Pine cones are available in three sets packed in 18, 36 and 72 pieces.

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