Dark green
Christmas Garland

Do you think that Christmas decorations look the same in every home? Do you want to stand out, create something original? FairyTrees garland can help you achieve your goal. Your imagination will be your limit when decorating your home with FairyTrees garlands.

Ciemnozielona girlanda świąteczna FairyGarland

Dark green Christmas Garland

Increasingly, we realize that a lonely Christmas tree is not enough decoration at home. With pine needles garlands, it is possible to ensure that the Christmas atmosphere is also transferred to the garden, porch or balcony.

Once additionally decorated with lights and baubles, garlands will become an unforgettable decoration admired by everyone.

A dark green garland is a classic. Needles tightly encircling the core, are very much like live twigs of coniferous tree. Hanging a garland above the door or on the facade of the building will look very natural. It does not contain any hazardous substances that would be harmful to users or the environment. You can easily use it as a decoration in a child’s room.

High-quality bands made of PVC material are available in three sizes: 2 m, 4 m and 6 m. They are flexible enough so that they can be combined with one another to form long cords or braided into coniferous tresses. Soft needles do not cause discomfort when decorating. In order to satisfy our customers, FairyTrees has prepared garlands in two colours – light green and dark green.

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