Ornament Hooks 30 pcs

One of a kind Christmas ornament hooks that are included with each set of FairyTrees Christmas baubles. Plastic pendants are aesthetically pleasing and easy to hang on the tree.

Christmas Ornament Hooks Fairytrees

Christmas ornament hooks for Christmas decorations

Hooks are made of hard plastic and made in such a way, that the risk of dropping Christmas baubles is minimal.

Each hook resembles letter “S” with wrapped ends. The lower, smaller loop is designed to hold the bauble, while the upper, larger eyelet attaches to the branches of the Christmas tree.

Hooks are an ideal alternative to threads and ribbons. Why? They are sturdier, easier to use and can be reused. Such a set will serve for many years, without losing quality and endurance.

Green color of the hook makes the item almost invisible on the Christmas tree, making it aesthetically pleasing.

There are 30 hooks in the box. The set is included with each set of FairyTrees Christmas baubles.

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