How to unfold an artificial Christmas tree?

How to unfold an artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees?

Christmas tree, as an ornament, must be beautiful. Although FairyTrees artificial Christmas trees are made with great care, their appearance depends on the way that they’re unfolded and decorated. In a few easy steps we will explain how to create a perfect artificial Christmas tree.

Mounting a Christmas tree onto the trunk requires the user to place the tree body onto the truck or stand, and then spread out branches and needles.

How to achieve an effect similar to a real tree? It’s simple, but it takes a while. Book yourself an hour. You can engage loved one in the process (spend time together!). Here we go!

Unpacking a Christmas tree

Open the box and check if the content is correct. The following items should be included in the box: artificial Christmas tree (1-3 pieces depending on the model and size, joined by Velcro straps), metal stand and three screws for assembly.

Installation of an artificial Christmas tree

We start the assembly of the Christmas tree by setting up the stand and placing the bottom part of the tree there. Then, tighten the screws so that the artificial Christmas tree is stable and the stand does not fold. When you are sure that the decoration is properly secured, you may proceed to branch out.

Branch system is designed to be quick and easy to fold and unfold. Start with lower branches and move the tips in a preferred direction. Don’t stop until you are satisfied with the effect. Do the same with every other part of the FairyTrees Christmas tree. After spreading the entire tree, correct single twigs if necessary.

Decorating the Christmas tree

When the artificial Christmas tree is unfolded, it’s time to embellish it. For this task you can use Christmas lights and FairyTrees Christmas baubles. 20 m long lamps (only ones like that on the market!) are ideal for lighting models up to 180 cm in height. We have prepared for you various sets of glass balls. You have the choice of 6 cm or 8 cm diameter decorations available in three colours: gold, silver or red. Each set is designed with half of the baubles in matte version and half in shimmering version. Sets can be combined at your discretion.

The most beautiful Christmas decoration

Setting up a Christmas tree and decorating it takes about an hour. It’s an optimal time to get a phenomenal, lush effect and a perfectly decorated Christmas tree. Spread branches, hang decorations, fix lights, feel like a real designer! Photos of FairyTrees artificial Christmas trees depict the decor you can get by spending several dozens of minutes.


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