Christmas season home decorating- FairyTrees has a solution for you!

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The Christmas season is a very special time of the year. A time dedicated to decorating and being merry. Our four corners acquire a magical atmosphere that immediately evokes associations with warmth of family gatherings. The joy of exchanging gifts or the sense of community at the Christmas table. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of these seemingly small elements that make up this unique festive atmosphere.

LED Christmas lights- perfect in any arrangement

Certainly, LED lights are a key to decorating Christmas trees. FairySparks lamps are small, they shine like small crystals with their warm, delicate colour, creating a cosy Christmas atmosphere. The use of LED technology is an energy-saving solution. It is also aesthetic and durable. The lights can be smaller in size, which allows for a more dense arrangement. LED Christmas tree lights can be placed not only on the Christmas tree, but also outdoors – they can decorate balustrades, balconies or handrails. One set of FairySparks is 20 m long with about 1000 lights, so that Christmas lights can decorate even the tallest of Christmas trees.

Christmas baubles, garlands and pine cones- excellence in simplicity

When it comes to decorating, FairyTrees bets on tradition and classics. The assortment includes spherical Christmas balls in three colours: gold, red and silver. Tradition, however, does not mean eliminating modern solutions – baubles are made of plastic. Thanks to its strength, they do not break when dropped on the ground. They are sold in sets of 12 or 24 pieces. Baubles come in matte and glossy. They are also supplied with plastic hooks.

FairyTrees collection also now includes garlands and cones. Garlands can be 2, 4 or 6 m long. They come in dark green or light green. Garland resembles a branch of a Christmas tree and is very flexible. It is a universal decoration used indoor and outdoor- in the home and garden. Garland’s needles are made of PVC foil. A novelty in the assortment are FairyCones pine cones. Completely natural. Devoid of seeds and are small in size – they perfectly blend in.

Artificial Christmas tree- ideal addition to all your decorations

FairyTrees has a wide range of artificial Christmas trees. Modelled on real species of pines, firs and spruces. They are characterised by careful workmanship and a very realistic look. Among the trees available on our Amazon page, you may find something for everyone. Different versions of standard Christmas trees made form PVC. Premium models made in part of polyurethane. Artificial Christmas trees on a real tree trunk as well as slim versions. Naturally, the trees come in various sizes, and also differ in their decorations, like artificial snow or cones.

Are you thinking about Christmas already?

FairyTrees provides all necessary accessories that will help you with the problem of choosing decorations and Christmas trees and will allow you to fully enjoy the Christmas season.

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