Artificial Christmas trees 2018

artificial Christmas trees FairyTrees 2018

Although we have over 200 days till Christmas, our Christmas season is in full swing! We are designing new artificial Christmas trees, packing best-selling models, preparing baubles and LED lamps. All this, so that Christmas decorations come on time to all our Christmas devotees.

Whats new?

This year’s FairyTrees collection will include several new products. After analyzing hundreds of comments and messages from our existing clients, we are introducing models that will meet expectations of their future owners, and we are improving existing ones. Among our new products you’ll find two premium trees with PU needles and Tyrolean Pine. Nordmann fir and Christmas trees in slim version will also appear in other sizes.

New in 2018: Even more artificial Christmas trees made from PU!

In addition to standard models made from PVC, FairyTrees offer includes two artificial Christmas trees made from PU material. Due to positive feedback and warm acceptance by customers this year, there will be two more artificial premium trees with PU needles. High durability and natural look of PU needles makes them imitate the look of real ones and retain their shape for many years.

Even taller Nordmann Fir

Artificial Christmas tree Nordmann fir is a unique decoration. Its originality based on the interweaving of short and long branches so as to obtain even greater density and look of a real tree. The diameter is approx. 150 cm (depending on the size chosen). This one-of-a-kind Christmas tree will now also be available in the largest version yet: 250 cm!

Slim artificial Christmas trees even shorter

People who believe that Nordmann’s fir is too big of a decoration, we recommend slim models designed for small and narrow interiors. This is a perfect alternative for anyone who dreams of a Christmas tree but has small space to fit it into. Their main feature is narrower diameter due to the shortening of lower branches.

This year, among offered variants (180 cm and 220 cm) there will also be a model 150 cm tall. It is worth remembering that all the heights of Christmas trees include the stand, and their dimensions may vary by approx. 5% due to the fact that they are hand made.

At FairyTrees we work hard for you!

These are just few surprises that we have prepared … We are constantly working to improve our Christmas trees and design new ones! With FairyTrees Christmas decorations every Christmas will be unforgettable. We also encourage you to follow us on Instagram, where we show our factory and decorated Christmas trees.

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