Artificial Christmas tree: PVC or PU?

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Choosing a Christmas tree is a real challenge. When we decide to choose an artificial instead of real tree, we’re onto the next step: spruce, fir or pine? And what should the artificial Christmas tree be made of?

Only two materials lead the way in tree production: PVC and PU. But what is the difference between a classic Christmas tree made from PVC and a Christmas tree made from PU? And what do you achieve by mixing those two elements? Here is the answer.

Advantages of PVC vs. PU

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer that is characterized by resistance to various temperatures, UV radiation, solvents and atmospheric conditions. Importantly, PVC is recyclable. Sturdy, FairyTrees Christmas tree needles are created from this material.

PU, or polyurethane, is a thermoplastic material with high elasticity and resistance to external factors. PU is light and durable. Needles made from this material are characterized by an ideal appearance.

How is a premium PU Christmas tree made?

The combination of these two materials allows us to create the perfect Christmas tree. How? The key to success is proper placement. Branches have mixture of needles. Tips close to the trunk have soft needles made from PVC film. They are long and densely distributed. Such placement creates a lush appearance. Outer edges of branches have PU needle tips that perfectly imitate true needles and are nice to the touch. The material itself is extremely durable and prone to processing, allowing for detailed reproduction of colour and shape. This makes the artificial Christmas tree look phenomenal.

High-end FairyTrees artificial Christmas tree

FairyTrees offers two models of Christmas trees at our online Amazon store with mixed needles: Alpine Spruce Premium PU and Royal Spruce Premium PU. These are models that will satisfy even the most demanding holiday devotees. Both artificial Christmas trees are available in three sizes: 180 cm, 220 cm and 250 cm tall. Each variant has a green trunk, which further enhances the look of the decoration.

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