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Beautiful Christmas decorations require a beautiful finish – a perfect artificial Christmas tree. Certainly one of the most interesting trees offered by FairyTrees is Nordmann’s Fir artificial Christmas tree, also known as Caucasian Fir. What makes this tree unique?

Quality without compromise

Artificial Christmas tree Nordmann’s Fir is carefully crafted in the European Union. Twigs are hand-made. It is made of self-extinguishing PVC film. The needles are relatively wide, which makes the tree look lush and modern. This material does not contain any harmful plastics. It is characterised by high durability and resistance to moisture, discoloration, UV rays or chemicals. Moreover it is possible to subject it to the recycling process. The stand is wooden, which makes it not only stable but it also looks nice and has a patented installation technique.

The best look

What makes Nordmann’s Fir stand out? Above all, its unique design. Twigs are arranged in levels. However, in Nordmann’s Fir, these levels are alternately layered. Every other level is clearly visible which, in turn, gives the tree a realistic look. Shorter branches in the middle are closer to the trunk. They are responsible for exuberance. The two lowest layers are additionally reinforced. The trunk itself can be brown or green. Artificial Christmas tree Nordmann’s Fir is modelled on the actual species of the coniferous tree.

Artificial Christmas tree – comfort and functionality

Nordmann’s Fir from FairyTrees is designed, so that its set up is easy and intuitive. Twigs and needles can be arranged in any direction. The assembly of the tree and the stand is very simple, but in order to fully show the spread, luxuriation and general beauty of the Nordmann’s Fir, you may have to spend several dozen minutes. This is a great opportunity to do it together with your family involved. You can also decorate the tree together with ornaments, which are also available in FairyTrees collection. It is also worth remembering that the purchase of an artificial Christmas tree helps prevent unnecessary cutting of real trees.

Nordmann’s Fir creates a unique Christmas atmosphere at home. Its density makes it easy to decorate with ornaments. Careful workmanship and thoughtful design makes the tree identical to its original counterpart. The magical atmosphere of Christmas is best emphasised through the highest quality decorations. And FairyTrees artificial Christmas trees and decorations are most definitely in that category. You can find our products available on Amazon.

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