Artificial Christmas Tree
Tyrolean Pine

One of the latest models added to FairyTrees 2018 collection. The Tyrolean pine is an artificial Christmas tree with a classic cone shape that will perfectly match any interior. Its slender branches are covered with long and soft needles, and the tip is proportional to the surrounding twigs.

Artificial Christmas Tree Tyrolean Pine

Tyrolean Pine

The branches of the Christmas tree have been arranged so as to accommodate even the heaviest of decorations.

When designing Tyrolean pine, we wanted to create a Christmas tree that would meet the requirements of every Christmas devotee. This is how a universal decoration with a natural appearance was created. Tyrolean pine is available in four sizes that fit into any desired space. The tree can be placed as a decoration in a children’s room, as well as an office or a hotel lobby. Tyrolean pine will create an atmosphere of holidays wherever its desired!

The artificial Christmas tree Tyrolean pine is hand made in the European Union. It is characterized by high quality and excellent finish. We took care of every detail. The Christmas tree maintains its aesthetic appearance for many years – it allows you to save money, stress and time every holiday.

When pulling out the Christmas tree out of the box and when setting the tree up, some extra needles may fall out of it. This does not affect the final appearance of the tree. In order to achieve the effect such as is in the picture, the tree should be set up according to the instructions attached to each tree. Depending on the size, the set up can take about 30-60 minutes, so it ideal to involve the whole family and spend time together to arrange and decorate the Christmas tree!

Each artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees is equipped with a metal stand that provides stability to the tree. The stand is foldable and easy to assemble.

The height of the tree is measured with the stand.

We care about You and the environment

In order to emphasize care for the environment, we produce our Christmas trees from recycled, self-extinguishing PVC foil. It does not contain harmful plasticizes. Artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees is a great way to protect nature – it protects the living tree from being cut. It’s also made from recyclable materials.

Storing an artificial Christmas tree

Condition of the Christmas tree depends on proper storage. For an artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees to keep its aesthetic appearance, it should be stored in a special bag or carton and in a room with an ambient temperature of up to 25°C (77°F), such as is in a basement or a garage.

HeightDiameterLevelsMaterialConesStandWeightTop heightBase heightTipsGlittery bristleSnowTrunk colour
150 cm95 cm13PVCNoMetal4.5 kg25 cm25 cm333NoNoGreen
180 cm110 cm15PVCNoMetal6 kg27 cm28 cm498NoNoGreen
220 cm120 cm18PVCNoMetal9 kg27 cm30 cm694NoNoGreen
250 cm130 cm21PVCNoMetal11.5 kg30 cm30 cm910NoNoGreen
Every Christmas tree is handmade. The data can differ.

Fast and safe delivery

Artificial Christmat trees from FairyTrees are packed into five-layered cardboard (870 gsm, BC flute) equipped with an insert forming a second bottom and walls. The box is stitched in five places and additionaly secured with a FairyTrees tape. Staples prevent cardboard from moving during transportation so it’s less susceptible to damage than its standard counterpart.

All the elements of a Christmas tree are secured with Velcro straps. This innovative solution allows you to unpack the tree quickly and to pack it to the cardboard smoothly when the Christmas season ends. The cardboard has the FairyTrees logo so it will be easy to find in the store.

Christmas treeBox dimensions
120 cm105 x 22 x 22 cm
150 cm110 x 26 x 26 cm
180 cm119 x 27 x 29 cm
220 cm119 x 30 x 30 cm
250 cm119 x 35 x 35 cm
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Pinus sylvestris L.

This evergreen tree occurring in Portugal stretching from west to the Okhotsk Sea in the east. In Poland, Scots pine is one of the most popular pines. Despite high resistance to frost and drought, it doesn’t do well in shaded areas. This pine can be found on dry, sunny slopes.

This species is considered to be one of the best bio-indicators, which are used to determine environmental pollution. This is why, when buying an artificial FairyTrees Christmas tree, you’d be protecting this valuable tree from logging.

Artificial Christmas Tree Tyrolean Pine

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