Artificial Christmas Tree
White Frosted Spruce In A Burlap Sack

When gift boxes can’t fit under the Christmas tree, FairyTrees comes to the rescue! Artificial Christmas tree in a burlap sack is an alternative to a classic Christmas tree for anyone who likes original Christmas decorations.

Artificial Christmas Tree White Frosted Spruce In A Burlap Sack

White Frosted Spruce In A Burlap Sack

Spruce In A Burlap Sack is distinguished by its original appearance. The tree itself is slim and takes up little space.

It will also work well as an outdoor Christmas decoration, located in the entrance way to a home, hotel, shop, office or restaurant.

Dark green needles are dotted with silver glittery bristle, which mimics frost. Christmas lights and ornaments reflecting their glow enhance the unique charm of the tree. A great advantage of artificial Christmas tree FairyTrees is its design. After unpacking the decoration, arrangement of twigs takes a few minutes and their layout is fully dependent on owner’s preferences. Spruce In A Burlap Sack is available in three versions: green, glitter bristled or flocked, which differ in the form of needle design.

Christmas tree that’s unique

A solid base hidden under jute canvas makes artificial Christmas tree stable. The exposed trunk is completely natural – traces of resin and residual elements (residual twigs) may appear on the surface. Diameter of the trunk is about 6cm, but due to the use of natural raw material, this value may change slightly.

Spruce tree is a unique artificial Christmas tree that resembles a true, living tree. Needles made of high quality materials and natural trunk makes the Christmas tree a decoration that can last many years.

In order to ensure proper security make sure that this Christmas tree is attached to the ground, façade, bench, etc.

Height of Christmas tree includes the base.

We care about you and the environment

In order to emphasize care for the environment, we produce our Christmas trees from recycled, self-extinguishing PVC foil. It does not contain harmful plasticizes. Artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees is a great way to protect nature – it protects the living tree from being cut. It’s also made from recyclable materials.

Storing an artificial Christmas tree

Condition of the Christmas tree depends on proper storage. For an artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees to keep its aesthetic appearance, it should be stored in a special bag or carton and in a room with an ambient temperature of up to 25°C (77°F), such as is in a basement or a garage.

HeightDiameterMaterialConesBaseWeightBase heightTipsGlittery bristleSnowTrunk
150 cm70 cmPVC, WoodNoConcrete12 kg80 cm146YesNoNatural
180 cm80 cmPVC, WoodNoConcrete13 kg90 cm190YesNoNatural
Every Christmas tree is handmade. The data can differ.

Fast and safe delivery

Artificial Christmat trees from FairyTrees are packed into five-layered cardboard (870 gsm, BC flute) equipped with an insert forming a second bottom and walls. The box is stitched in five places and additionaly secured with a FairyTrees tape. Staples prevent cardboard from moving during transportation so it’s less susceptible to damage than its standard counterpart.

All the elements of a Christmas tree are secured with Velcro straps. This innovative solution allows you to unpack the tree quickly and to pack it to the cardboard smoothly when the Christmas season ends. The cardboard has the FairyTrees logo so it will be easy to find in the store.

Christmas treeBox dimensions
150 cm119 x 27 x 29 cm
180 cm119 x 27 x 29 cm
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Picea abies L.

Tall evergreen conifer with wide spreading branches. Compared to pine needles, spruce needles are not too long (the average length of the needle is 2 cm, about 0.78 in). Spruce is a very sensitive tree. It does not resist droughts, heat waves and gusty winds. It is very fond of shady areas. It can serve as a great shelter from the sun and downpours.

Not everyone knows, that the pulp under the bark can be used as a temporary source of food, and the needles can prepare herbal tea rich in vitamin C. Artificial FairyTrees Christmas tree was modeled on a real spruce, thereby protecting it from unnecessary logging.

Artificial Christmas Tree White Frosted Spruce In A Burlap Sack

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